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Creating Art Can Be Healing in the Midst of Trials

By Nadine
May 19, 2017
Category: Art as Ministry

During my classes, I teach about style, composition, mediums, color theory, right brained drawing and so much more.  Yet, I also attempt to encourage community and the practice of letting God move through us in our art.  To paint from the heart of God, we must be free and unfettered.  We must release  control to God and believe that we are loved and that He desires to communicate with us and through us.  These aren't some pie-in-the-sky theories.  It's the beautiful truth of a Father desiring communication with... Continue reading

Tags: pain art therapy healing through art divorce parenting art classes northwest arkansas art classes art teacher art education healing art

Art and Autism

By Nadine
May 03, 2017
Category: Art as Ministry
 Studies show that improvement may occur as the right and left sides of the brain are exercised and the connections between the sides are reinforced.  I have first hand knowledge of this.  Years ago, I taught a young girl who was diagnosed with Aspergers.  Now, this is no longer a diagnosis.  It is officially called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  This young girl would sit in my art class in my home and would be so frustrated as she attempted to do art.  She cried over her frustration.  She was not very... Continue reading
Tags: autism autism spectrum disorder asd art ministry art therapy therapeutic art ocd add adhd love god meets our needs

Art as Ministry

By Nadine
April 26, 2017
Category: Art as Ministry

"WHAT?  Art?  Why?"  Those were my thoughts.  "I"m a nurse...why create art and have an art business?"  "How can art HELP people?"  "Doesn't this feel rather frivolous?  "I like art too's my "go-to" thing to make me happy..."" It's not CHRISTIAN or anything..."

My journey started like that.  Seems rather silly now.  Since then, I've discovered that God is a creator and we were made in His image...therefore it only makes sense that we, too, were made to create.  When... Continue reading

Tags: art arts creative creativity Christ Christian love art as ministry freedom Jesus ministry

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